figure out where they came from (a recruiting fridea)

While it will always involve plenty of “art,” there are ways to make your college ministry’s recruitment a little more “science,” too. One of those methods is today’s Fridea:

Spend time figuring out how your present students were first drawn to your campus ministry.

Taking this important step can be scary, because it might just show that some of our full-of-energy methods are less effective than we thought. But that’s a really good thing to know. Meanwhile, we might find out that something else we do – or even something easy, something simple, or just something we can encourage our students to do – has made a real difference in the makeup of our ministry over time.

If we find out a method we haven’t focused on has worked fairly well, what might happen if we prioritized it a little more?

Much of our college ministry work could use a little more thought, and here’s one example. This Fridea would be an excellent way for you and/or your student leaders to spend some days this summer, and it’s bound to upgrade your recruitment in the Fall.


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