get curious (a summertime or anytime fridea)

As my Books-to-Impact project to help college ministry fundraising continues to roll along, I’ve got plenty of textbooks scattered around my house! The other day when a friend was over, she decided they’d make good skimming material – a Zoology book, a giant Lit book, Living with Art. In other words, she’s a curious person.

This week, I’ve been pointing us to books. These are books written for other groups… but they have plenty of application for our field.

Today’s Fridea is meant to take us even one step beyond that, and it wouldn’t take you any more than a few hours – but could be worth a much larger investment of your time, too.

Explore an area of study outside college ministry, “translating” it for what you do.

Of course, this could be accomplished by checking out the very books I’ve mentioned this week: Under the Unpredictable Plant, Simple Church, Purple Cow. (Good to Great, Free Prize Inside, and Built to Last are a few other really beneficial books that come to mind.)

But what else could you do? What if you dropped in on one class this summer that might have relevant material? Advertising. Psychology. History of Religion. Social Work. Communication. If you’ve got a seminary or Christian college nearby (whether it fits you theologically or not), there’s probably a whole host of other classes that might be worth spending one hour in.

The point (of today’s Fridea, at least) isn’t to master these subjects. It’s just to spend a few hours on curiosity, to examine some area of study for the wisdom it offers our vocation. As college ministers, we must be learners (whether we’re “wired” that way or not). And this is one of the ways our individual ministries and our whole field will benefit – if we start learning from those fields outside our own.

BONUS: I’d love to hear about anything you come up with along these lines. Please share the wealth!


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