how may i help you?

Yesterday, I mentioned last weekend’s trip to perform a “Site Visit” at a particular college ministry. Since summer is now upon us, there could be plenty of other groups that could use some unique help – whether through a Site Visit or in other ways. Maybe some of this fits for now, maybe some of it’s better for the fall, but I’d love for you to take a look: Could any of these things help you, your larger organization, or other college ministries you know?

Plus, by using me – or encouraging others to use me – you’re helping me continue my ministry of exploring, advocating for, and furthering the field of Collegiate Ministry.

Here’s a (partial) list of ways I’d love to help you or college ministers you know “excel still more.” If you’re interested in knowing more, let’s talk about it!

  • Site Visits: After seeing hundreds of campus ministries in action, I can bring a unique set of eyes to any ministry I visit. I’d love to come spend a week or even just a few days with your ministry, brainstorming with you about tweaking for the present and generating ideas for the future! Whether I’m assessing current forms or just sitting down with leadership to talk about options for next school year, I’d make an excellent “temporary teammate”!
  • Catalytic Conversations: This is a VERY cool way to add value to any campus ministry gathering. Do you have any gathering of college ministries coming up? I’d love to make myself available for one-on-one (or one-on-a-few) sessions, directly discussing the individual needs of individual college ministries. It’s amazing how much ground on specific topics we can cover in an hour.
  • Topical Speaking: Whether it’s speaking to regional directors, college ministers, student leaders, or even those who oversee college ministers (like church pastors), I’m right at home speaking on a variety of topics – bringing in examples and ideas from what I’ve seen all over the U.S.. (This would also be great for groups outside our field who want to better understand or connect with college students or college ministries.)
  • Other Projects…: It may sound vague enough, but there really seem to be a plethora of ways my learnings can serve individual ministries, larger groups, and outside institutions that want to connect with our field. Whether it’s “exploration assignments,” writing jobs, consultations, program design, or more… what if we just brainstorm together about ways to connect what I’ve learned with what you’re doing?

How may I help you? This is why I’ve done everything I’ve done: To help all of us get even stronger!


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