what you can do in two days

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to visit an Indiana college ministry for a Site Visit. In this case, it meant a couple of days observing, analyzing, and consulting with the staff of this particular ministry.

It was a blast.

But more importantly, we truly covered a lot of ground. While plenty of Site Visits in the future might extend beyond just two days, I was amazed at how much we were able to accomplish together in that time:

  • The first day, I observed components of their ministry, followed by three solid hours of asking detailed questions about their ministry structure, aims, methods, hopes, and more.
  • That evening, I spent time analyzing everything we had talked about and organized it into categories for discussion.
  • The following day, we walked through those categories – for several hours – ultimately creating a list of new questions, ideas, and issues for them to address this summer and in the months (and semesters) to come.

Here’s the point of laying out our schedule: You could do a lot of ministry assessing in just a couple of days (even all by yourself!).

Yes, I do believe there’s much to be gained by bringing in an outsider to help evaluate your ministry and brainstorm next steps. (Let me know if you’re interested – and read this blog post for more ideas on how you could use me.)

Of course, not every college ministry is in a position to do that right away. But every college ministry can get serious – even if only for a couple of days – about examining and analyzing their own ministry.

From top to bottom.

From past to present to future.

From big-vision themes to nitty-gritty aspects.

Besides the time it would take to observe each of your ministry’s main activities, in two days you can cover a LOT of ground: Evaluating your entire ministry, analyzing what you see, and then determining the big questions and themes worth tackling in the weeks to come. Setting aside a simple two days for purposeful work on your college ministry (besides all the work you do in your college ministry) could lead to a radical upgrade.


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