the present state of obama’s collegiate popularity

I ran across a couple of articles this week discussing an apparent change in collegians’ sky-high view of President Obama (or pre-President Obama back then) in 2008. I don’t present this for any sort of partisan purpose, but a sociological one; it will be interesting to watch our students (both those inside and outside our ministries) in the upcoming political season.

Here’s the New York Times article (“A Love Affair with Obama that Cooled”) which first caught my eye, about changes seen among students at one of the country’s most notably liberal colleges.

And the Atlantic Wire’s “On College Campuses, Obama’s Not Cool Anymore” springboards from that article but also points to a few other sources.

Meanwhile, while we’re on the subject of collegians and politics, Goshen College is again deciding against using “The Star Spangled Banner” before games, due to its Mennonite / pacifist leanings. You can read their explanation here.


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