i hope you rest

For the past several years, I’ve chosen to generally have a weekly Sabbath – a full day of rest, trusting that God can accomplish more in six days than I can in seven. As best I can figure, that seems to have always been the intent of the Sabbath rules and principles: trust and obedience about what we do and – on the Sabbath – kinda what we don’t.

Whether that’s your conviction or not – and with a full recognition that “Sabbath” might look different for everybody – I hope you do indeed have a chance to rest more than is comfortable sometimes. Just like giving should probably take us past our “comfort zones” on occasion, so should other areas of obedience.

College ministers need rest more often than they take it – or at least that’s true for certain personality types. (I need rest plenty these days, which is why it’s on my mind!)

So as summer’s upon us, it might be a good time to pray this one through, develop some habits, and usher in a crazy fall semester with a willingness to rest trustfully (if you haven’t been already). Do you trust Him to accomplish more in your campus ministry in six days than you can in seven?


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  1. PC

    Three simple words that stuck out of this post for me were “develop some habits”.

    I love that as a very simple challenge going into a summer. What a perfect time to develop a couple good habits to carry you into your next year! I appreciate the challenge. Thanks friend.

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