the simple fridea for a summer well-shepherded

What if you truly prayed for all your college students – your school-year students and any summertime students you’ve got – each week this summer?

Maybe it’s just you prayin’, maybe you and the staff, maybe you and some church members, maybe you even bring your student leaders in on it. Make a list, and pray. Ask for prayer requests if you want (and if you haven’t already); let students occasionally know how you prayed for them if you so choose. But the Fridea is just to pray. For all of ’em!

In all likelihood, you are the key shepherd in each of those lives, whether students are around this summer or not. You are more devoted to their growth (and knowledgeable about what they need) than anyone else.

Prioritizing prayer might be a way to see that play out, even while your shepherding is from afar.


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