5 ways you can get to know your campus better this summer

These would be easy investigations to make this summer – and any of them could pay off big in discerning how to better reach and impact your campus(es)!

  1. The trends. What new trends has the school noticed in the last couple of years for incoming freshmen? (This could be as wide-ranging as ethnicity, gender, SAT scores, distance from home, family income, or a million other things.) Any shifts in campus demographics likely means something in terms of ministry!
  2. The plans. What changes are on the horizon for the campus in the coming years? Anything from a new student center to an increased focus on sports can springboard you to new ideas and new ways to serve the campus.
  3. What does the campus think of our ministry? When’s the last time you got a good answer to this question?
  4. Organizations. I’m sure you know plenty of the student orgs on campus – but I betcha there are plenty you have no idea exist. What if you spent a day looking through (and praying through) the list?
  5. Critical needs. The administration, faculty, and staff all have thoughts on what the campus needs. Do you know their hopes for the campus?


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