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The mission was impossible. Take the head of a public research university and hide him in plain sight for a week. But the University of California, Riverside accomplished it at the request of the hit CBS reality show “Undercover Boss.” (from the UCR web site)

While it wasn’t my favorite episode of Undercover Boss ever, the season finale DID provide an awesome chance to go undercover on a college campus! Chancellor Timothy White dyed his hair, donned a fake ‘stache, and added some specs to complete the disguise – so he could tour his own campus from the inside.

As college ministers, it’s a very cool chance to think about schools the way administrators do – something we don’t spend enough time doing, in my opinion. There are so many moving parts, important (but unrecognized) people, and daily decisions. I appreciate what this Chancellor did to better learn his campus; hopefully we’re doing what we can to learn (and love) ours.

(I also learned some cool stuff about the Highlander tribe of UCR!)

The link below will take you to the video (which may go away soon), and be sure to notice there are seven bonus clips down below!

Undercover Boss: UC Riverside

And for more, here’s the Los Angeles Times‘s coverage of the episode. You can also read a post I wrote awhile back that applied something I learned from Undercover Boss to our world – and it’s still one of the campus ministry ideas I’m most intrigued by.


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