the fridea: don’t let summer get away

As this week’s Fridea, I simply want to encourage all of us not to let this summer get away.

Not only in the way I discussed yesterday. There are likely several things you could do this summer to improve your college ministry, improve your own abilities as a college minister, and serve your present (and future and past) students.

Narrowing down that could list to what you should do is the next-to-trickiest part.

The trickiest part is actually doing those things.

(Yes, this still applies if we have a major ministry activity all summer – like a Summer Project or a mission trip – right? Certainly there are other, smaller purposes to be accomplished, too? Reading a book? Auditing the ministry back home? Emailing students not participating? Something?)

I myself have felt reinvigorated toward tackling certain projects in this ministry this summer. But I sense the imminent and lethal dangers of inertia and busyness, and I know that May will soon be June, and July could creep by sooner than I think… until I’m standing at the threshold of August, lots of nothing to show for my time.

I don’t want to let this summer get away. It’s an enormous amount of time to do enormous things.


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