ingredients #2: a seasoning of the seasoned

One of the ingredients in shortest supply in the world of college ministry is old people.

There, I said it. I really believe college students benefit from intergenerational connections. And while it’s not insignificant that you, their college minister, are most likely in a different lifestage, have you considered adding more of those connections within your campus ministry?

(I fully recognize that this runs counter to the way many of us – especially those in campus-based college ministry – work. But that’s the point of the series this week: for us to evaluate if and how these ingredients should be added!)

“Old people,” when we’re talking about college students, can mean anybody from 23 (or so) to 103 (or so). And I honestly think students benefit from interacting with people in that entire span:

  • Single Young Adults (in the world your students will inhabit next)
  • Young Married People (who likewise are living out a next- or soon-step for the collegians)
  • Older Single Adults (who offer a life worth emulating and a chance to question the “I’ve gotta get married” mentality)
  • Married People with Families (who give college students something awesome to aim for)
  • Senior Adults (who have all kinds of wisdom to offer)

So how ’bout it? Might it be impactful to “import” some slightly-more-“seasoned” saints into your college ministry next year?


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