ingredients #1: dancing around your grill

For many of you, you’re in the middle of Finals Week (or it just ended – or will begin shortly). So this week I’ll be “peppering” the blog with some quick posts that may help as you plan for the future.

The “Ingredients to Consider” series will highlight some characteristics that – I believe – some college ministries might want to add a little more liberally!

First up…

I have no idea if you’ll agree, but I’m fascinated by the Weber Grill commercials. Apparently this campaign’s been going since last year, so maybe I’m only noticing because I’ve been watching some Texas Rangers baseball.

In any case, the folks at Weber have clearly taken a product already connected to rest & relaxation and added an extra dose of… fun. More fun than might be normally associated with a grill. In fact, the tagline for this campaign is “Have Fun with It” – and to an awkward degree, these people are indeed having fun in proximity to their backyard grills.

Honestly, that commercial is super-cheesy and random and a little ridiculous… and I really, really like it. If I was in the mood to buy a grill, I would actually check out a Weber now. But whether you agree with that or not, the point is this:

Fun is an ingredient many college ministries could add more of. Because I’ve seen some ministries really have a lot of fun, it’s very clear to me that many could sprinkle a little more Fun into their weekly meetings, into their communications, into their calendars, and into their ministries as a whole.

I’m not saying that “Fun” has to be the ultimate characteristic of every ministry. But the point of this post is to encourage you to think through the different aspects of your college ministry. As you evaluate your campus ministry for the future, are there places you should add even more Fun to the mix?

(And I know if I was a freshman, I would notice the fun-like-a-Weber-commercial college ministry standing out among all the other like-other-grills ministries…)

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