fans of finals

Just an encouragement as many of your campuses are entering (or in the midst of) Finals:

Don’t be afraid to show yourself a true fan of academic rigor during this time. Your students will pick up on your cues here (and they probably have all semester). Are they learning to fulfill their calling as students, to work “as unto the Lord,” to be faithful in dying to their natural desires in order to be their actual best? Are they learning those things from you, intentionally?

I still believe that these guys and gals are supposed to be “Christians disguised as college students,” not simply “students who happen to be Christians.” Their spiritual walk takes top priority, and sometimes that does mean making choices that look odd to a secular world – including the secular educational establishment.

But I’ve come a long way since my own college days in understanding that we – as college ministers – need to encourage them to be really good students. And we certainly can’t be known for encouraging laxity in educational rigor, wisdom, commitment-keeping, and academic faithfulness.

Not only will any hint of “academic apathy” on our parts rub off on our students, it will rub faculty and administration the wrong way for sure. And that’s no way to serve our campus tribes best.


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