this could be your next great fundraiser …or your first!

I’m going to make an odd sort of request: If you’ve been helped by my work supporting college ministry, I’d ask that you read this and give it a little thought. Could your college ministry – or any campus ministries you know – make use of this?

The cool thing is, the more this BIG idea helps others, the more it helps fuel my ministry, too.

Have you ever noticed how much money gets traded between students and the bookstore each semester? Wouldn’t it be great if some of those funds got used more directly for the Kingdom?

Books-to-Impact is my newest project for serving college ministries. It turns textbooks donated by students into funds – for any cause you want, whether outside or inside your ministry.

Remember, I know the world of college ministry. I know how much we need funds (for our ministry work or for our favorite causes). But I also know there are lots of support raising tools that just won’t work. Here’s why this one’s different:

  • Thousands of dollars. We’re not talking a few hundred bucks from collecting change. It’s likely some ministries will be able to pull in ten or fifteen thousand dollars a year (or more!). And smaller efforts will likely still draw a thousand or two each semester.
  • Choose your effort. You can choose how much effort to expend – and this whole project is actually perfect for delegating to students. Even a small amount of involvement can easily bring in enough money for this to be truly “worth it.”
  • Low time requirements. This isn’t something you’ve got to spend all semester on; in fact, most won’t spend more than a week or so each semester.
  • Start when you want, end when you want. If you give this a try, you’re not “committing” to anything. Use this project to raise funds for one semester or for the next decade… and I’ll be glad to keep sending you money!
  • Choose your cause. YOU get the funds. YOU decide what to do with ’em.
  • You’re also helping my ministry. Which helps your ministry. The small portion of the proceeds I keep goes right into helping me keep serving the world of college ministry. So not only am I helping you through this project… this project is helping me help you even more. Weird. But true.

Want more info? Contact me, and I’ll send you the full details. If you’re going to try this (even as a Trial Run) this semester, you’ll need to start preparing a little right now.


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