let us update our understanding

My eight-day Road Trip 15 ended yesterday, but of course I have lots to share about what I learned and explored. (See the trip’s itinerary and explorations right here.)

At least twice on Road Trip 15 – maybe more – college ministers mentioned the changes in students since they graduated. And in both cases I’m thinking of, I was talking to campus ministers serving at their alma maters.

In the space of only a handful of years, the climate had changed. Not completely, of course. But enough to matter. (I believe in both those cases, the minister had gone elsewhere between graduation and returning to the school as a minister. I’m sure that helped them notice the differences.)

This reminds me that we all need to regularly update our understanding of students and our campus. They aren’t the same as they were a few years ago. They probably aren’t utterly the same as last semester. Yet I think it’s easy for us to “lock in” to certain moments – maybe what students were like when we were in college, maybe the climate during our first year as a college minister.

If our ministry is perfect for reaching students from 2009, then we’re not fulfilling our ministry in 2011.

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