magnificent brutality

I got home from Road Trip 15 about four hours ago! Below, you’ll find the last reflection (somehow it didn’t get posted this morning). You can also see all the details of the road trip’s activities right here. And in the next few days I’ll be posting more on what I learned on this fantastic, exhausting trip.

There are points on these trips – sometimes, large sections – that can be a little brutal. Scheduled explorations, long drives, time zone irregularities, and weird sleeping arrangements keep sleep at a premium. Despite adding yogurts to my packing list, eating well – and some days eating regular meals at all – is tricky. My schedule is often jam-packed with interviews, ministry visits, writing notes, and preparing for the next discussion or next activities. Some days just involve a whole lot of talking – like the four hours of seminars and Q&A last Wednesday, or days that end up chock-full of college minister interviews. And while I love all those moments, of course, for an introvert, all my own blabber may weary more than anything…

And when the schedule isn’t full, the Pathfinder and I are usually spending quality time together for hours upon hours. The drives bring a rest of sorts, but even that is a brutal sort of rest (or a restful brutality?).

But the brutality is magnificent.

It purifies, it humbles, it reveals, it even… invigorates.

I don’t have the chance – unlike so many of you – to pour my whole life into specific students at a particular campus. While I do volunteer in my church’s ministry at home, my full-time work is this, advancing the field of College Ministry in any ways I can.

So it’s an honor to have episodes of brutality while serving you on the front lines. What you do has its brutal moments and whole brutal semesters – I’ve been there. But the exertion we expend ties our hearts to this work; we’re sowing treasure in heaven via the soil of these campuses. And there our heart will be also. I pray the brutality keeps capturing my heart; I pray it keeps capturing yours.

Written at Motel 6, Amarillo, TX


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