through everything (a fridea)

Back in January, I wrote about Tim Elmore’s incredibly valuable exhortation not only to work in our college ministries but also on our college ministries.

At this point in the semester, one of the most valuable “Frideas” I can offer is this:

Audit. Everything.

I remember sitting across from a couple of college ministers – one with a detail-oriented personality and one with an outgoing, “production”-oriented personality. I suggested that they make an enormous list of every facet of their college ministry and evaluate how well it was really doing its job. (Their ministry really did need it.)

And I remember how crestfallen the second guy was. Walk through every portion of our ministry, little and big, to make sure it’s accomplishing what we want it to? That certainly didn’t sound like a lot of fun to him.

But it’s vital.

When’s the last time you injected this level of “quality control”? Would you be okay knowing that 50% of your ministry’s activity was 50% effective? I wouldn’t be.

I’m pretty regularly amazed at how much we undervalue careful (even tedious) evaluation of our own ministries, and how often we’re satisfied simply with the generally positive reviews we get from the students most like us (and maybe our spouses!).

As I’ve said before, I believe one of the lines separating “okay” campus ministries and great ones is right here: Time and effort spent working on our campus ministries, not simply in them. A careful audit is a necessary part of that process.

Sometimes “fresh eyes” can help in this process, of course. If I can ever be of help, coming for a site visit or otherwise consulting on this, let me know!


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