details on road trip 15 (& how you can ride along!)

After a yearlong drought, I’m taking another long-distance road trip! Number 15 won’t be the longest trip or take me the furthest, but I’m still very excited about this one. Here’s why (and how you can join in):

1. The Happy Details. Right now, it looks like I’ll leave from Dallas this Sunday (the 10th) and return the following Sunday (the 17th). I’ll be headed to Las Vegas and back (so the above view should be mine by Monday night), with plans to travel (and explore) in northern Texas, northern New Mexico, and northern Arizona.

2. Sharing the Vision, (Re)Considering the Plan. The catalyst for Road Trip 15 was a request to come speak to a group of Las Vegas area pastors about how their churches can best reach students. Plain and simple… right?

Actually, not so much. One of my biggest burdens is to help churches rethink their usual approaches to impacting collegians. In many cases, the classic, standalone, fully staffed “college ministry” isn’t the best College Student Plan for a church… other times, it very much is. How churches think that through – and even getting them motivated in the first place – can make all the difference.

This is an area that affects all of us, because the health of any branch of campus ministry (like church-based campus ministry) obviously impacts the others (i.e., campus-based, institutional, and collegiate churches).

So I’m thrilled to help. AND if you know anybody who could benefit from a couple of seminars, extended Q&A, and lunch (all FREE!) in Las Vegas next Wednesday, have them contact me (they’ll need to RSVP with my hosts).

3. Exegesis Extravaganza! At this point, it looks like I’ll have the chance to spend a chunk of time on two very cool campuses: UNLV and Northern Arizona University. Of course, a couple of days isn’t near enough to truly “decode” a college campus. But I’m still excited to do some “exegesis-lite,” learning about the ministry scene and needs among the Rebel and Lumberjack tribes. It’s a challenging, invigorating process!

4. Returning to the Works I Did at First. As I hope for a reinvigorating trip, I’m excited that Road Trip 15 will include some of the flavor of the amazing Yearlong Road Trip from a few years ago:

  • Keeping my schedule fairly open to whatever might come up. I don’t have a whole lot already planned, and I’m excited to see what God works out for this trip.
  • On the yearlong trip, my blogging was more casual than it is nowadays. For just this coming week, I plan to blog in that more “organic” style, sharing observations AND casual reflections as I have opportunity. So through this blog (and other things! – see below), you’ll have the chance to ride along!
  • Hunkering down at a couple of campuses, meeting with multiple ministers and visiting (hopefully) multiple college ministries, is reminiscent of the Yearlong Trip, too. In recent trips, I’ve had to move pretty quickly; I’m excited to spend a little extra time focusing on these campuses.

5. Come Along! As always, you can join in on this road trip in some fun ways. I’ll be blogging in various ways throughout the week, probably having a little more “fun” with it than usual. I’ll also do my best to be active on Twitter and with Facebook updates, including pictures.

You can definitely help by connecting me with anybody I should connect with on this trip!

As always, those in the Exploring College Ministry Facebook group will hear about any particularly big updates or prayer requests, too – so be sure to join up!

And speaking of prayer requests, that’s one last way you can join me – by praying! Please pray for a successful trip, for what I learn to be helpful for a wide group of people, for impactful speaking next Wednesday, and for a healthy dose of relaxation AND invigoration – both of which I really seem to need. I so appreciate your involvement with my ministry, and I’m so happy I get to give my life to serving our work among the campus tribes!


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