the future of college ministry

Hopefully you’ve been able to link over to Guy Chmieleski’s blogathon this week! Yesterday’s posts provided a first round of thoughts on the future of our field, from six different perspectives!

My own entry is called “Further In: A Future of Deeper.” It begins,

The brightest future for any individual college ministry might be found in going deeper, not simply wider. And coincidentally, this could just be one of the most exciting paths forward for our field as a whole, too.After exploring the wide world of American college ministry over the last four years, I’m occasionally asked about anything that I’ve found disappointing. One of my common responses: “It all seems too similar.” I’ve seen hundreds of ministries in action (in all four branches of college ministry), and while I’m quite excited about what they’re doing, it’s still rare to find ones that seem, well, all that different.

Of course, I’m not saying ministries are identical. But it’s far too rare to find… [Keep reading – and add your thoughts – at the Blogathon!]

A couple of my other faves were Russ Martin’s very simple, very practical exhortation and Jamie Noling-Auth’s reminder about the half of our audience (or probably more!) that we may be missing

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