exegesis through exo-Jesus eyes (the fridea)

I’m at College Metro this week (it’s in Ft. Worth this year, so that’s easy enough!), so these blogs are springing from that awesome event.

I know a campus ministry conference is going beautifully when I get two blogs out of the first night!

Eric Bryant, whom I mentioned yesterday, is a former church planter (in Seattle). So during our Q&A time, I asked a question that is always fun to ask the church planting crowd:

If we want to reach our campuses better, we obviously need to get to know them. Do you have any tips from your days as a church planter for exegeting our contexts?

He noted a few different ideas, but one in particular stuck out as a great Fridea for this week – and it’s something that’d be worth doing no matter how long you’ve been serving in your particular campus context.

His idea: Ask a non-Christian student to show you the campus.

In general, we’re likely to view our entire campus through the eyes of Christians. We observe certain things (and our eyes are presumably Christian!), and we learn more about the campus through our core students (also probably Christians). Even when we first exegete our context, we might go to other college ministers or local pastors to learn about this mission field.

All that is really profitable, of course. But we should realize that we need other views of our campus – and asking non-Christians to show us their campus might bring insights we wouldn’t have had otherwise.

But of course there’s more to this: This becomes an opportunity to develop a real friendship with a real unconverted person. (Or even a group of ’em!) So even if they show you nothing new, they’ve gone out of their way to benefit you – and there are few better ways to connect with someone.


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