it’s finally come: road trip 15

A couple of weeks ago, a speaking opportunity in Las Vegas popped up out-of-the-blue. I have the awesome chance to speak to pastors about how they can think – and rethink – their churches’ particular College Student Plans. (If you know of any church people in the vicinity who might want to join us, let me know and I can send along info.)

It’s been a year since I last took an “official” Exploring College Ministry road trip. That was Road Trip 14, a nifty little trip to Boulder in which God did some pretty awesome things. I’ve had other neat opportunities since then: exploring college ministry in Brazil, speaking for various campus ministry groups, and even moving where I live. But since last April, I hadn’t been back on the road in a big way, seeing a broader swath of the college ministry landscape. And I was missing it.

Meanwhile, a friend had just recently brought up the idea of taking a vacation. The truth is, I haven’t “vacationed” on purpose (away from home, at least) since 2007, about five months before the Yearlong Road Trip. (That vacation was Road Trip 6.) The truth is, I’m a little drained these days. So a vacation of some sort seemed pretty nice.

So that, in a sense, is what Road Trip 15 will be about. It’s definitely a “working vacation”; after all, I’ll spend a day speaking in the middle of it. And I expect to do some campus- and college ministry-exploring throughout. But I’m actually invigorated and refreshed by spending time on campuses, remembering why we all are invested in this beautiful thing called college ministry.

So I wanted to let you know. And as always, I’d love your help. I want to hear about it if you know of anyone / anyplace I should connect with along the way (probably in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, or Nevada, but I’m always open to craziness!). I won’t be able to do everything I want to do, but I’m definitely open to suggestions!

I’ll leave here around the 10th of April and return around the 17th. So it’s not a very long trip. I’ll keep you posted as I pray and think and plan as much as I can before the trip… but I’m also kind of expecting to play this one by ear a little bit, too.

And that makes me even more excited. Who knows what God might want to do?


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