mayne & black: a couple of very different videos for your saturday viewing pleasure

I thought I’d post a few videos you might enjoy. They’re related to our field in various ways.

The first is ESPN’s Kenny Mayne’s visit to Richmond, VA, a city which shockingly had two schools in the Sweet 16 – both major underdogs to win even their first game in the tournament, let alone a few games to get to the Sweet 16. The committee that picks teams for this tournament was even highly criticized for letting in Virginia Commonwealth University – something that’s mentioned in the video. (If you didn’t know, last night VCU won yet again – another (slight) upset – but Richmond finally got beat.)

I bet it’s been fun around both those campuses this week – a whole campus can certainly get excited about basketball success!

If you’re unfamiliar with Rebecca Black’s music video, I bet your students aren’t. Her song has definitely gone “viral” in the last couple of weeks (the video below has about 50 million views so far). This video is just so terrible and so popular (both, I promise) that you really should know about it.

And it’s already been the video that’s launched a thousand parodies… I was wondering if any campus ministries had “adapted” it for their purposes yet, but I couldn’t find any. Let me know if you know of one!


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