spring break catch-up & making use of the madness

It was clear from the number of blog visits last week that a few of you were on Spring Break! I hope it was awesome.

What I wanted to do today, then, was to highlight last week’s celebrations of the work we do – and to encourage all of us to use this very specific moment well.

Because, for one thing, this is Spring Break month. And lots of people who don’t know a lot about college ministry know that college students do some pretty crazy stuff during Spring Break. What they might know less about is the awesome ministry that takes place during Spring Break, too – locally, nationally, and internationally.

Not only that, but we’re also right in the middle of the annual NCAA Basketball Tournament. Next weekend, we’re treated to the Sweet Sixteen and the Elite Eight; after that comes the Final Four and the final game (both great opportunities for collegiate parties, by the way). And while you may not be a huge basketball fan (or maybe you are!), this is the month of the year when collegiate athletics probably gets the MOST attention nationwide.

Because of both of these factors, I think it’s a good month to remind people about our work. As college ministers, we should “know the times” and take advantage of the opportunities we have to share what we do.

That’s what the last week was about here at Exploring College Ministry – celebrating what we do, but also posting some tools that might help you share the glories of college ministry with others! Maybe it’s your supporters who need to hear this stuff. Maybe it’s your overseers, or members of your church. Maybe it’s just your extended family, or other buddies who’ve never quite understood why you’d pursue this path. Maybe it’s even some of your students, who might need to consider taking this path – the path of missions among the campus tribes.

Tomorrow, I plan to post my annually updated “essay” connecting the NCAA Tournament directly to our awesome mission fields. So I encourage you to consider using any of these things – from last week or this week – to share our story.

Last week’s celebrations:

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