a learning expedition (the fridea)

A very simple Fridea this week.

But one that could have a profound effect on your ability as a college ministry.

What if you took some time at Spring Break to visit another college ministry and sit down with another college minister? Or two or three at the same campus?

Probably within a couple of hours’ drive is a school that doesn’t have the same Spring Break as your school. Of course, you might be off on a mission trip or family vacation or otherwise busy. So this isn’t for you… in Spring Break. But you could try it next week, right?

If you did this even 5 times a year – with half of your visits (at least) to ministries that aren’t in your particular organization or denomination – your skills would radically increase. It really is worth your time.

And Spring Break is one time for some of us to get this done.


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  1. A few years ago our church granted me a sabbatical and I visited several other college ministries throughout the state and country. It was refreshing, challenging, and thought-provoking.

    Every minister in any area of ministry should do something similar from time to time, I think.

    Thanks for your post — I can’t do this over Spring Break, but it reminded me to keep it in my mind to repeat again in the future.

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