lent and a great download about it

Until somebody mentioned it on Sunday, I didn’t realize that Ash Wednesday is tomorrow. And that means it’s the start of Lent, the 40-day period before Easter Sunday.

Recent years seem to have seen an upswing in Lenten activities among Protestants – including those from very non-liturgical traditions. And there’s all sorts of draw for our college students, particularly in these modern forms: Experiencing Lent is vintage (or even authentage), high-commitment (but relatively short-term), and done (often, at least) in community – yet exactly how one observes Lent is often highly individualized. All very Millennial.

In any case, this might be a fit for your group this year, so I wanted to remind you! If it is, you might be able to take an hour or two refreshing yourself on meanings of and ideas for Lent, and then you can contact your group about it. (It may be last-minute, but your students wouldn’t seriously consider it until the last minute, anyway, right?)

But I also wanted to provide a Lenten help from a cool college ministry from the Northwest. Resonate Church is a fairly young collegiate church serving both the Wildcat tribe and the Vandal tribe. (That’s right – two states!)

They’ve also constructed a cool calendar for their students to use during the next 40 days. I won’t worry about explaining it – but I’d encourage you to check it out. It will give you (or your students) some great ideas.

Here’s the awesome download: LentCalendar – Resonate Church. (Big thanks to Worship Pastor Josh Martin for sending it my way!)


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