a well-financed (though rather vague) fridea

As mentioned yesterday, this Fridea is a day late. But it’s actually worth the wait, since I spent all day Friday working on this very project.

In some sense, it’s a little early to bring up this idea – and I’ll probably “unveil it” in a bigger way in a month or so. But now is the time for Quarter System schools to take a look. And I’d love to hear from anybody else who’s interested in possibly giving this a try. I’ll probably have an application process for getting involved, but the fact that you’re willing to jump on this early will definitely mean points in your favor.

I have – a couple of times now – mentioned a rather secret idea I’ve been working on to help college ministries raise funds. The funds can be used for anything you want – ministry budget, staffing, service, mission trip, whatever. It’s a no-strings-attached way to raise funds.

It involves Textbooks. Getting them at the end of the semester or quarter. Letting me sell them for you. Pocketing a whole bunch of cash.

How much cash? Using the data from my trial run, I’m guessing there will be campus ministries that make one or two thousand bucks a year, and there will be some that make five or ten thousand dollars a year. And a few college ministries might even make a whole lot more, depending on how much effort they’re able to put into this.

The truth is, it’s likely there’s somebody – a club, another ministry, an outside organization, a guy with a pickup truck – who’s already raising funds via Textbooks. (And you know the campus bookstore is making a killing…)

But not only is this method tried-and-true, it’s also something I’ve been involved with since 2004. So my chance to help has been tried-and-tweaked, you might say – over FOURTEEN semesters. I can help you figure this out, because I’ve been doing it myself.

So here’s the deal: If you’re interested, let me know. If you know others who might be interested, tell them to let me know as soon as they can. And if you have buddies at Quarter System schools, please let them know about this – or let me know and I’ll contact them personally.

This could be huge. I wanna help. And I’m so excited to have one more way to do it.

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