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Obviously, I’ve written on the Bethel College a bit – if you want to catch up, see the first post and the updates post (which I’ve updated since I originally wrote it, too). But there have been enough new developments that I want to post one more time.

Campus-wide revivals are a real part of the history of college ministry, and they’re rare enough that it’s worth examining and enjoying them when they happen! So there are a few new ways to do that:

If you have 9 minutes, I encourage you to watch this video recollection from the Senior VP of Bethel, Dennis Engbrecht. I encourage you to read some of the really cool comments from Erin Kinzel of the Bethel College staff, below that. And I definitely encourage you to click over to college minister Sarah Koutz’s blog, where she’s already reported quite a few observations and testimonies!

Here are Erin’s comments from yesterday, including ways to pray for the Bethel students:

Thanks so much for spreading the word about this. We pray it will spread to the other colleges in our area (including Notre Dame, Goshen College, Holy Cross, Saint Mary’s, IUSB, and many more I’m forgetting) and beyond. …

Our spring break is next week – we pray that students will carry the message (and fire!) of what happened last week as they leave campus. Please pray for the fire of revival to continue to burn in their hearts while they are away.

Also, 32 faculty and staff members volunteered to lead follow-up discipleship groups, so please be in prayer for those. I really appreciate how Shawn Holtgren, our VP for student development, presented the groups to the students in chapel yesterday. He said that his goal was not to create a program or a system or some type of cookie-cutter follow-up, because discipleship has to come from the heart. (That’s my paraphrase – I remember him being much more eloquent.) :) I admire Bethel’s leadership for wrestling with the tension between providing structured guidance and follow up, and yet giving enough freedom for the Holy Spirit to work.

Thanks again for posting about this. May it spread to many more college campuses!!

Erin Kinzel
Assistant Director of Marketing
Bethel College


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