take advantage of the tugging (a fridea)

I haven’t posted a whole lot about raising support, be it financial support or volunteer support or simply getting overseers and other constituents “on your side.” But in discussing The Social Network this week, I was realizing once again how powerful movies – and other things – might be for our cause.

The movie Rudy grabs emotions. The Social Network reminds about the needs – and potential – on a college campus. Annually, the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament draws viewers in to the drama, the fanfare, and the glories of college campuses. Every once in awhile, a dark tragedy strikes a college campus and reminds us of just how much we’re needed.

So this week’s Fridea is simply to notice these opportunities to cast God’s vision for our amazing mission fields. We don’t have to cast vision for what we do in a vacuum; we can make use of what’s already available – from writing about movie scenes in a newsletter to reminding potential supporters (of all varieties) just how big a crux the college years were for them, too. There are plenty of “collegiate” things that already tug at their hearts… we should take advantage of the opportunity to connect Jesus ministry with the tugging.

A few examples…

One idea I’ve recently been pondering: A “dinner and movie” night with a pertinent collegiate film might make a perfect setting for sharing your ministry’s need.

Other examples: Annually, I revise a “vision casting” of this sort for the NCAA Tourney. Here’s last year’s. You can also see how I’ve kinda done this with The Social Network. (And here in Oscar season is a perfect time to point out how that film connects with the importance of what we do!)


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