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What impact can an ad really have? Can it actually make a city feel better about itself? The answer this morning seems to be yes…

That’s how Monday’s FastCompany article on Chrysler’s Super Bowl ad begins. Did you see that commercial? It was well into the game, but it ran for a full two minutes, separating itself from the entire mass of well produced commercials that evening. (Even watching it again, though, it sure doesn’t seem that long.)

I spoke earlier this week about extrapolation, about the First Lady’s minor Charlotte flub and the way we too can assume that what applies to one campus or one region will apply to another.

But that’s the negative side of an amazing, beautiful reality. These places have a richness in their “localness,” in how they stand out from all the other campuses in the country. When we extrapolate, we’re actually denying the individuality of each campus, refusing to know it well enough to know the ways in which it is, simply, itself.

If you have a second, I encourage you to read the FastCompany article about the Chrysler ad before viewing it again (below). It helps point out the ways this commercial tied itself to its subject – not its apparent subject, a car, but its real subject.

A city.

And then ask yourself, “Could I produce something like this for my mission field? Have I let God bring me to love this campus enough, have I entered into its rhythms and life enough, that I could speak of it with tears in my eyes and fire in my belly?” Even though we place ourselves within these “campus tribes,” are we still relating to them as outsiders? Or have we immersed ourselves, made our home here, prayed not only to see but also to hear,



and taste these glorious places?

I urge you to “lose yourself / in the music, the moment” of your campus, that we might stand in a long line of missionaries indeed.

P.S. On a side note, the ad company behind this also created the Old Spice Man ads, which actually had a lot to teach us about college ministry, too. You can read about that right here.


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  2. D-Mo


    So i checked out the blog on spring break (great by the way). But this was legit. Makes you think. And makes me appreciate Eminem…is that bad??

    Thanks Benson!

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