still worth seeing. still worth pondering.

The Social Network came out on DVD last month, and it stands to receive some accolades on Feb. 27th at the Academy Awards; it’s been nominated for Best Picture and in seven other categories. It has already won all kinds of film awards, including 4 Golden Globes, as you can see at the movie’s official site. (That site, by the way, is pretty incredible all on its own.)

So there’s no better time to let this stoke the fires of your own ministry work. If you haven’t seen The Social Network, I highly encourage it. And I hope you’ll let it invigorate… even exhilarate you in this incredible work to which we’ve been called. (If the early scenes moving across the Harvard campus don’t fire up your missionary heart, something may be wrong.)

(Note: As always, movies mean we need discernment. This film is certainly PG-13 for a reason.)

I’ve written about Social Network several times, and I hope my thoughts are helpful for pondering how the film connects with College Ministry and ministry to Millennials in general. And as I’ve linked several times, the Christianity Today review offers an incredible summary of why this movie matters.


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  1. Ian

    I do believe I took you to see that movie when we were in Atlanta for the Cohort…even though I didn’t see it with you because of my silly rule about not seeing movies without my wife. :)

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