snow day capitalization plan

Just in time for the Super Bowl, Dallas-Fort Worth is experiencing some winter craziness. As you may or may not know, that’s fairly rare in these parts.

So a bunch of my buddies and I were all rather homebound yesterday – or dormbound, in the case of my SMU friends. And that led me to a simple idea that might just be something extraordinary if you did it right.

What if you developed a “Snow Day Capitalization Plan”? (I wanted something fancier than “Snow Day Plan” and something less awkward than “Snow Day Exploitation Plan,” but you can call it whatever you want.)

If your school ever experiences inclement weather days (or other unplanned class cancellations), I bet there are indeed plenty of ways to capitalize on the opportunity that arises. Think about the semi-chaotic canvas that presents itself:

  • Students in your ministry who by definition don’t have other plans
  • Students all across campus who might be a little bored
  • Quasi-confinement to the campus grounds and buildings
  • A general feeling of campus “community”
  • A generally excited attitude
  • Real-life needs by the school itself (everything from increasing safety to reporting on schedule changes to keeping students happy)
  • Real-life needs from students
  • Killer opportunities simply to have a blast
  • Perhaps the best of all possible days for ministry via conversations and “presence” on campus
  • [Around here, everybody has a second snow day today, which is even rarer. But that reminds me: you might wanna make multi-day plans!]

I’m pretty psyched about this idea, but it will take the locality of your unique situation to really get the brainstorming brilliance going! What if you put a team of students on this task, praying and thinking through some awesome, purposeful ways to use the next Snow Day? (I’d talk to the administration, too – you never know what real needs they might have on days like this.)

*Bonus: Think about off-campus, too, especially if you’re thinking about service opps. Weather days on campus mean difficulties elsewhere, too.

Whether via service, community, or some of both, I bet your school’s Snow Days could turn out to be some of the best days of your campus ministry.

As I was telling a couple of people the other day, I’ve never seen larger snowflakes than I did at Gonzaga University… in April…


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[Everybody has a second snow day today, which is even rarer.]


  1. we got together for nachos and frito chili pies the first day. and then Wednesday we created super-heroes, and had our Bible Study. Today, we will fight our super-heroes and Saturday we watch UFC!!!!! And Sunday we will Super Bowl Party!

  2. jenna

    we’ve always talked about having a plan ready for when snow hits, but we’ve never made one.
    this week, we were having a photo-scavenger hunt in the dorms as an NSO event and bring attention to some of our events later in the month.
    it was perfect that we had a storm because everyone was in their rooms!

    however, for the most part, snow just ruins plans. but i like the idea of having special plans for snow. will have to try to remember this next year!

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