sit in

It’s another form of immersion. A chance to learn about our campus… but more than learning about, it’s a chance to learn our campus. It might just be a chance to meet students. Or professors. It’s a way to keep your feet firmly planted within the campus tribe – and not simply in the daily workings of your campus ministry.

The idea (and this week’s Fridea)? Sitting in on a class or two.

You can take this to a lovely extreme and actually audit a course (or take one for credit); this can be a really powerful way to connect. But today’s idea is really just about dropping in on a class here and there.

This is a major crux of our students lives. But has it been years since we’ve actually been in a classroom? That should probably change.

P.S. You might also learn some neat stuff. (As for me, maybe I’ll go check out a Psych or Religion course at SMU…)


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