detailing the decisions

At that statewide campus ministers’ conference I attended last weekend (called the Intersect Retreat), Tim Elmore offered one little nugget that I’ve heard him urge before – but I’m not sure I’ve blogged it.

As college ministers, he said, we should make sure we tell students the decisions we expect them to make. It’s easy to “assume” students understand what we want them to do, what we believe the Lord has for them, what the next steps are, etc. But there’s no telling what students actually know… unless we tell them.

While he was pastoring an eventually-enormous college ministry in San Diego, Elmore and his staff realized that of the 13 decisions they hoped students would make (starting with coming to Christ in the first place), they were only making SIX of those explicit to the students. With the rest, they were (accidentally) presuming they’d just happen upon those important decisions.

Do your college students know what choices you – as their shepherd – hope they’ll make? Are you regularly and repeatedly making those things clear?


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