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Many of you are starting your new semester tomorrow. I’m excited for you. I hope it’s the best semester ever.

Last night, I sent an email to a couple of college ministers to ask them if they knew a good Christian counselor I could recommend for a student. It reminded me that there are probably a few pieces of information – like counseling resources – we (as college ministers) should have at our fingertips.

While, of course, we get many chances to counsel students ourselves on a variety of issues, I think most of us would agree there are situations in which it might be important to invite other, more seasoned counselors into those conversations.

And you don’t want to have to take 48 hours to find one when that need arises, right? And you don’t want to rely on the first person in the phone book, either, right?

Info on a good couple of counselors – of both sexes – should be immediately accessible to you. Ask the local churches (whether you’re a church-based college ministry or not), and find the kind of people you’d be happy to entrust your students to in situations of emotional troubles, grief, disaster, or other giant concerns.

I know this kind of blog post is boringly practical and simple and not particularly fun or creative or deep. But that doesn’t mean it’s not vital.


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