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I spent a little time this week looking at areas we might want to consider this semester, including areas that perhaps don’t usually receive our focus. Another such area came from the always-profound Tim Elmore at the Intersect college ministers’ conference yesterday.

Sometimes, he said, we get so busy working in our ministry that we don’t get time to work on our ministry.

Some of you – maybe many of you, since you are, after all, reading a college ministry blog – love working on your ministry. You really enjoy strategizing beyond simply one semester, intentionally becoming better teachers and disciplers, auditing your systems for greater effectiveness, consistently seeking out wisdom on how to do this stuff better, and working on your ministry however else you can.

But there seem to be many college ministers out there who focus entirely on working in their ministry. Teaching, leading, planning events, doing events, meeting, discipling, going, going, going. It’s great. It’s impactful. But it’s not all that’s needed to fulfill our ministry.

To me, it’s clear that one of the simple lines that separates good college ministers from “okay” ones is right here: Time and effort spent working on our campus ministries, not simply in them.


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  1. Jessica

    true! I’m thankful for people who not only strategize but are willing to help others see beyond what is on the schedule for the coming week. (btw, we met at urbana last year)

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