What priority have you placed on recruiting over the next couple of weeks?

Nope, this isn’t a republication of a post from September. I’m curious: Will your campus ministry invest in drawing students, letting them know about your ministry, and encouraging them to plug in somewhere (even if not with you)?

And the second is like it…

How hard will you push students toward small groups or other discipleship in the coming weeks?

Can every student who attends your ministry take their “next steps of involvement,” or are you really going to make them wait for eight months?

I’m well aware that this sort of post will apply to some college ministries more than others. Some of us have “rolling admission” to our small groups, a year-round emphasis on advertising, or other practices that help students perpetually. At bigger campuses, the recruitment thing may even come somewhat automatically, since your school holds Activities Fairs (or similar things) as each semester begins.

But I fear that some of us have given the Machinery of our Ministry greater priority than the people we once set out to impact. We’ve placed tidy calendars over needy collegians. College students don’t actually schedule their lives or make their decisions year-to-year, no matter how much easier that would make our decision-making processes. Most of their lives and plans revolve around semesters (or quarters) to a certain extent, so we should probably at least try to reach them at those junctures.

Beyond that, though, there’s really no telling when a new student will need to be drawn into the fold, or when they’ll wake up to their need for more intimate community than they receive at our weekly Sing-and-Speak. Are the opportunities there? How have you organized for the perpetual work of God in students’ lives?

Or would we rather the sheep be shepherded on our timetables?


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