Sorry for the extended hiatus here at Exploring College Ministry. Not only did I have all the normal Christmas festivities, I’m also neck-deep in the Trial Run I mentioned awhile back. It’s actually going really well, and I’m guessing this Project will be something that can help quite a few U.S. college ministries raise funds in the coming semesters.

But for now, it’s a Trial Run. And therefore rather secret, if you didn’t notice that already.

I hope your Christmastime and Winter Break have both gone really well. I hope your students’ Breaks are going well, too, whether they’re hanging with you, at home far away, or a little bit of both.

As you watch all these Bowl Games – did you see TCU??? – don’t forget that we’re lucky enough to have these lively places as our mission fields! Can you believe it? Maybe I’ll blog about that soon.

Speaking of blogging, I plan to be back next week. And I have a feeling this could be a neat year in this corner of the world… and I hope your corner has had an excellent 2011 already.

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