a mystery wrapped in a riddle

This post is kind of a tease. Sorry about that. But I really am posting it for good reason. Three good reasons, in fact.

I wanted to let you know that I’ve undertaken a new college ministry advancement project. It’s in the Trial Run phase right now, and a few brave college ministries (including both church-based and campus-based ministries) are participating. Only two of these are outside North Texas (proximity is a help for this trial run), but I’m pleased that – even with late notice – these ministries are able to give this a go as the semester wraps up.

I need to keep the details quiet for now. However, the purpose of this project is to raise funds for college ministries, either for their budgets or for any particular cause – inside their ministry (like a mission trip) or outside their ministry – they’d like to support.

So why bring this up if I can fill you in? Three good reasons, as I said:

1. You can pray for it. If you consider yourself a fan of this blog or a fan of campus ministries or both, I’d ask that you pray this Trial Run accomplishes everything it’s supposed to. You can pray that, even without knowing the details, right?

2. I’m fighting for our success. I’m glad to have the opportunity to let you know that I’m still fully invested in fighting to advance our field in any and every way I can. When this Project came across my mind grapes, I prayed it through and thought it through and ultimately jumped on it. I’ll be thrilled if it works out, thrilled if this Project leads to dozens or hundreds of college ministries finding some additional financial support for their own ministry work or another effort they want to contribute to.

I am absolutely devoted to serving you, as you serve college students. Whether in public or in secret, that’s how I’m living my life.

(And right now, the question doesn’t seem to be whether this Project will work, but simply how well it’s going to work, how much money college ministries might be able to bring in. We’ll see.)

3.You can let me know if you might be interested in joining up in the future. I am not asking for anybody to commit to anything “sight unseen.” But depending on how this trial run goes, I’ll probably need to have some sort of application process. So if you’d like to be included in the original notification (assuming I decide to move forward in the spring), simply let me know via email or Facebook.


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