doubling (or quadrupling?) down on ideas for semester’s end

Yesterday, I posted a list of some good ideas for the final days of 2010, as most of our semesters or quarters are coming to a close in the next two or three weeks.

Today, three more idea-laden posts from the past. Some of these ideas can be used in Finals Week, some anytime leading up to Winter Break, some within Winter Break, some in-person, some via email or other communication…

In other words, it’s a stocking-ful.

First, some thoughts on translating Christmas for our sometimes-jaded students.

Second, an encouragement to consider reversing the trend… and working in these last days like your hair’s on fire. You might be surprised at what you can accomplish!

Finally, 11 ideas for doing just that – ministering your heart out in this “season for something.”


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