again, this may be a voyage worth taking

Last night, I read through nearly all of C. S. Lewis’s The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. (I had read two chapters earlier in the week; the final 14 took something like 4 hours. It’s a quick read.) I’m actually getting the chance to take my own advice and lead a little reading group in the college ministry I volunteer with. On December 10th (or thereabouts), we’ll be attending the movie, too.

After reading the book again, I figured in the midst of Movie Week I would reiterate that these Chronicles of Narnia books provide excellent fodder for short-run discussion groups. You could easily get students to read this (over the Thanksgiving Break, perhaps?) and still have a meeting or two to discuss the themes. (Read my thoughts on doing that here.) Or if you need a good message or two before the semester or quarter ends, you could always zero in on Voyage themes if they fit where you’re taking your students.

Yes, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader is a kids’ book. But it’s still C. S. Lewis, and the themes Lewis brings up – and story as a whole – can still be extremely impactful for college students (and their ministers).

If I can help by sharing what my group ends up discussing, just shoot me a message. (It does help a little bit that I’m fairly familiar with Lewis’s writings, but you sure don’t have to be in order to find the themes.) Our group starts Monday, and I’ll be glad to fill you on the directions I’m thinking about. Just let me know.


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