begin the voyage (a fridea for right now)

What’s a great last hurrah for the final days of this semester? What might make a superb mid-Finals hang-out with your college students?

Attending The Voyage of the Dawn Treader on December 10th (or soon after), of course!

If that’s your plan (or even if it’s not), you can of course begin a reading group (or multiple groups) right now. Reading Voyage over the next five weeks with a group of students (or getting them reading on their own) would be fun – but more importantly, it could be awfully impactful. The book’s theme (according to Lewis himself) is predominantly the progress of the Christian life – particularly in Reepicheep, the fightin’ little mouse you might have seen on the movie posters. Get a good moderator, and those themes are bound to bust out – as well as plenty of conversation over a really cool book.

Also, there’s been good news about the movie and its treatment of the book so far. So I’m hopeful – I’m one of the many who was pretty disappointed by Prince Caspian (the movie).

I could drone on and on about how a low-commitment, movie-related small group like this could be great for drawing in people who haven’t been willing to join a small group before (especially if you just call it a “reading group”). I could mention that college ministries might wanna consider a lot more short-term discipleship opportunities like this within their semesters or quarters. I might throw in that this is a great chance to plug in student leaders before they take on a more stringent small group experience (even as a lead-up to the spring!). I could even point out that you could unify with other college ministries to form these reading groups, and/or offer an open invitation to the campus to join in.

But I won’t!


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