social justice / compassion (a buncha frideas)

Yesterday I mentioned the technique we used to get ideas rolling during the Saturday session at the Catalyst Cohort. Since “Communicating World Needs” had come up during Catalyst (as it tends to!), I asked our circle of college ministers to throw out methods and organizations they truly knew to be beneficial (to someone, at least).

So without further ado, this week’s Fridea is actually the entire list of ideas that arose from our collaborations! If you’re looking to encourage compassion ministry / social justice within your campus ministry, here are some routes to examine!

  • “UChapters” of To Write Love on Her Arms and the TWLOHA Move Conference
  • International Justice Mission (which also has university chapters)
  • Don’t forget to serve not only the world, but also the campus!
  • the book Commitment and Connection, edited by Heffner and Beversluis
  • Help small groups learn to focus up, in, AND out
  • Gabe Lyons’s talk (during Catalyst) connected to this topic
  • Talking to students about tithing and why it matters
  • Tension: not letting Social Justice become “the tail wagging the dog,” by just “doing social justice” for the sake of “doing social justice,” because it’s so clearly en vogue
  • Nuru International (
  • 30 Hour Famine
  • World Vision / Compassion
  • helping take Whitestone Motion Pictures films onto campuses
  • Street Grace (working on child exploitation in Atlanta)
  • Not For Sale
  • Nightlight International
  • Gift Card Giver
  • Fair Trade Fundraising (through Plywood People, Gift Card Giver’s umbrella organization)
  • Center for Public Justice (emphasize “graceful citizenship”)
  • Rapha House


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