at dallas seminary today

I have the neat chance to speak today at Dallas Theological Seminary here in my own backyard. I’m coming as a guest of the College Ministry Initiative, a student club at DTS for those interested in the field.

I’ll be speaking at both chapel (about why all of us should care about ministry to the campus tribes) and a brownbag lunch (presenting some quick notes on the wide variety of college ministry, and then doing Q&A about my adventures and my learning).

So if you get the chance, pray for that time. Or even if you’re reading this late, you can pray that God would impress all these seminary students (and faculty!) to care deeply about the campus tribes, even if we’re not all called to reach them in the direct, “classic college ministry” sort of way.

There’s a chance it may be recorded. I’ll keep you posted.

And while we’re on the subject, this is definitely one of the ways YOU can help advance our field. If you have connections with a seminary, you should encourage them to think about how they connect with college ministry. Do they train college ministers? Do they have a club for those going into college ministry? Do they network with college ministries to draw students? Have they considered deepening their connections to our field?

If I can help, let me know or connect me with whomever. But just as I’ve had the chance to help foster this CMI at DTS and now get to share with the whole school about what we do, you might have similar opportunities in your neck of the woods!

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