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So… Hosting a gathering like the College Ministers Cohort within the already quite FULL Catalyst Conference doesn’t allow for as much blogging as I had expected…

So I may be better at recapping this event than blogging-along-the-way.

HOWEVER, a random Catalyst activity did lead me to this week’s Campus Ministry Fridea, so I will post that!

In our sacks at Catalyst, we received those old-style, paper 3D glasses – for a few videos they’ve shown in 3D. So for whatever reason, the idea hit me: I bet a bunch of students, wearing 3D glasses as they walk across campus, would be a pretty “loud” advertisement for an upcoming college ministry event – say, a retreat with the theme “God For Real.”

I know that’s pretty weird, and pretty specific. So here’s the more general Fridea: For events at the core of who your ministry is, consider encouraging students to go “all-in” with their recruitment of fellow students.

When I was in college, several of us in our fraternity went “all-in” by dying our hair a clownish yellow. It matched the T-shirts we wore all around campus, advertising an upcoming concert festival with an evangelistic thrust. The event drew thousands on an annual basis, and we really wanted to draw as many students (especially unsaved students) as we could.

Dying my hair made it really hard not to talk about Island Party. And it also tied me – on the inside, I mean – to the event and our purposes there. I’m sure I prayed about it more, helped out with it more, and loved it more because I’d gone “all-in.”

This isn’t for every event or even necessarily one event a year. That’s why the Fridea says to consider it.

But I can say there’s something unique that happens when any of us – including college students – connect ourselves to something in a very public way. For events at the core of your ministry’s identity, it may sometimes make sense to help students align themselves in semi-dramatic ways.


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