more heroes, and an update on the Cohort!

By now, anybody who’s coming to the College Ministers Cohort should have gotten their tickets, and I look forward to seeing you there! If you’re not going to make it to Catalyst this year, you can still join in the fun… Be watching the blog for updates on what we’re doing, what we’re learning, and ways to enjoy Catalyst from afar…

We’ve had 120 or so officially RSVP for the Cohort – and we’ve already got college ministers planning to come “standby,” too. It’s the hottest (free) ticket in town!

And for all of us (whether you’re coming or not), I want to highlight a few groups that are PROVING they care about College Ministry! Please, please, please check out their sites and what they offer – I’m excited that within the huge Catalyst Conference, they’re sponsoring our little ol’ Cohort!

OneLife from IMB Students (unveiling this week!)

They’ve got their very cool-looking site up now: Check it out!

IMB Students is the Premier Sponsor of the College Ministers Cohort, helping in all sorts of ways. I really, really appreciate all they’ve done – and what they do as missions mobilizers. They are BIG fans of college ministers nationwide (and I know plenty of college ministers are already big fans of them, too!).

Future Marriage University

Michael “MJ” Johnson is pursuing one big thing in our field: Helping college students prepare for marriage like they prepare for their careers! He speaks at various Christian schools and other ministries around the country on these very things, and you can learn more about his ministry at

I met MJ in person recently, and he’s made it clear he wants to know our field even better so he can serve us (and our students) even more. As part of that, he’s hanging out with us at (and sponsoring!) the College Ministers Cohort!

Focus on the Family: Young Adults

As you probably know, there are a whole lot of “parts” to the ministry of Focus on the Family, and a few of those parts connect directly with college students. The Young Adults division includes Boundless, a site I was enjoying way back in college myself! But the Boundless community has grown beyond just a web site and weekly articles to include a blog, podcast, and more!

I’m really excited that Focus has decided to connect directly with college ministers by spending time with us this week… and sponsoring the Cohort!


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