fruit & fun from a sister campus

Yesterday I broached the possibility of finding another college campus (or another college ministry on another campus) to form a sort of “sisterhood” with, like some cities in the U.S. have “sister cities” across the world.

Today, I wanted to explore what might be gained from this relationship!

fruit and fun from a sister campus

  • Fun together. Having a sister campus gives your ministry a fun focus. For example, who better to cheer for when the NCAA Tourney comes along? Just imagine – every student you’ve got rooting for the same school. (And this is all the more awesome if yours is a multi-school ministry. Unity around a sister campus!)
  • Missions. One of the newer trends in college ministry seems to be forming long-term missions relationships. This is one of those opportunities! You’d be surprised the benefits to your students in purposely loving any mission field (including a college campus) over a length of time. And how better to help students see their own campus as a mission field than serving another campus through the years?
  • Service. Whether a campus is near or far away, having a sister campus provides awesome opportunities to serve in real and lasting ways – outside the norm of ministering only in students’ personal little world.
  • Community within. By rallying around a sister campus, you’ve added one more “tradition” or “inside joke” for your group to share!
  • Community without. Of course, if you form relationships with another ministry, those bonds – over time – may go deep indeed. How fun would it be to occasionally spend time with students from another ministry? (And then… who knows? You’ll probably get to preside at all kinds of inter-campus marriages in a few years!)

final thoughts

  • Let God do the pickin’. For all the fun this idea can be, praying comes first! You don’t want to try to force a connection, right? (Be extra-careful if you’re considering pushing your own alma mater as your sister campus…) And don’t rush it; “sisterhood” will come when it needs to come.
  • On the receiving end… Don’t forget, the “sister campus” thing could even become a two-way street! How great would it be if your ministry at the University of Georgia (for example) connected with a ministry at the University of Wyoming (for example) for the next 10 years… trading mission trips, interns, T-shirts, staff, students, letters, pennants, teaching materials, lives, love, and food?*

*Food? How ’bout trading Taco John’s for Chick-fil-A?


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