advancing our field (the field of college ministry)

How invested are you in helping advance the field of College Ministry?

I recognize that most college ministers have to tend to active ministries that can – and should – take the majority of their time. They are shepherds first, so fighting for the spiritual success of their immediate flock takes precedence over helping the entire field of College Ministry (or “Campus Ministry” or “Collegiate Ministry” – they’re all interchangeable terms).

But I would still urge you to see yourself as an “advancer of our field” (and to act on that identity, of course). Because if you won’t advance the field of College Ministry, who will?

We don’t have the reputation of foreign missionaries.

We don’t have the backing of youth ministers.

We don’t receive the attention that teaching pastors do.

We aren’t seen as “real ministers” by many American Christians.

Our work is misunderstood (or just “non-understood”) more than most other ministers’.

And yet we college ministers labor at the crux of education and culture, among millions from North America and millions from around the world, at the first moment individuals (and entire generations) are “released into the wild”, at the unique transition point for millions between the world of high school and the world of young adulthood, in places that serve as laboratories for the future of culture and the future of Christian ministry.

If you’re nodding along, it’s because you know these things to be true. Chances are, you’re one of only a few in your city who know these things.

If we won’t join the work of advancing our field, who will?

In the days to come (not every day, but some days), I’m going to look at simple ways we can each advance the field of College Ministry. Since what we do is a vital task, advancing what we do is a vital task.

[See the first method for advancing our field right here.]


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