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As I occasionally do, I’ve built up a handful of college ministry-related articles from around the interwebs. So hopefully you’ll find some good Sunday (or Monday, or Tuesday) reading that helps you in your ministry!

(And if you ever come across articles you think might be interesting for others, send ’em my way, and I’ll check ’em out! I’d love to pass good stuff along.)

Something to talk about with your Catholic college minister friends: Part of the Pope’s visit to the U.K. last week involved overseeing the beatification of John Henry Newman, for which the Newman Centers are named. “Newman Centers” (or similarly-named groups) serve Catholic students at non-Catholic universities. Beatification means they’re working on naming him a Saint; you can find more about Cardinal Newman right here. But again, it might just be fun to chat with your local Newman Center director about!

Top 5 books on the Problem of Evil: John Stackhouse lists his faves (including both C.S. Lewis books on the topic) for Christianity Today.

An argument against “settling down”: A solid (brief) critique of many Christians’ calls for emerging adults to get married, etc. At least good thoughts for the other side of the story, whichever way you lean with your college students.

The wisdom of abstinence: I found this article by comedian Steven Crowder pretty interesting, and it does a pretty great job pointing out the wisdom (from, as far as I can tell, a secular perspective) of abstaining from sex. Might be worth passing along to students (but make sure you read it first and decide); better yet, it might just give you some new ideas for talking about an always-important topic.

KFC advertising on college girls’ rear ends: Not sure how this might be usable, but this USA Today article is – at the very least – a discussion-starter.

Greek InterVarsity and the Utes: It’s always fun when college ministries are highlighted by the campus newspaper.

Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, & a political season: Your campus may or may not be tuning into this political season, and you may or may not have decided to talk about the Jesus connections yet (I wrote about that here). But if it is a topic of importance, you should notice what two of the foremost politicos for the collegiate crowd are up to.


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