start them thinking about summer (the fridea)

This would probably be a little early for most of you serving Quarter System campuses, but for the rest of us, it’s not too early to remind your students to plan on using their summers well!

Perhaps your ministry has pre-arranged options for summer missions or other activity during the summer. Maybe not. But regardless, we want students to pray this through, give due diligence, and wisely examine ways to use their summer well, no?

Now’s the time to start talking about it.

Many of the options – big missions opportunities, summer camps, internships, other endeavors (even student-originated ideas) – will require applications sooner rather than later. And the end of the semester isn’t the time to first be thinking of such things.

They might also not achieve their first choices, they might have to whittle down the options, they might discover something new they never would have considered… if they keep from procrastinating.

Just an idea. Just a Fridea, actually. Use as applicable.

The biggest point: Help students use their summers well. They don’t have many.


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