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Whether for providing video clips to use in a message OR springboarding a small group to some deep discussions, some TV shows offer a chance to connect with students in a neat way.

Certainly, few TV shows are as clean as we would like. Sometimes DVRing and watching ahead is a good move; other times, you might decide you’re fine with showing something off-the-cuff. Pray it through, and do what’s best.

A few TV shows potentially worth your attention, now or in the coming weeks:

dating in the dark

I thought I had written about this show last summer, but maybe I’m just remembering that I wrote my community group at church about it. Because whether for college students or young adults, Dating in the Dark offers a surprising amount of truth-revealing and reflection-prompting.

Sadly, I think Season 2 just ended Monday, but you can watch some free episodes still on ABC.

The big premise (if you don’t know already) is that individuals have to decide if the people they’ve gotten to know in a pitch-black room are worth dating once the lights come on. Each episode offers that big theme to talk about (“How much do looks and ‘attraction’ matter?”), plus several other themes. So if you can find clips, they’d be great for a dating talk (or other talks), or I can see an episode being a valuable small group convo starter – even if you just need a break from whatever the usual routine is.

the office premieres…

…on September 23rd. While it might not prompt a lot of soul-searching discussions, just watching the premiere of The Office together could be a great get-together for your college ministry.

Although I could envision a small group for soon-to-graduate students that watches the new Office each week and then chats about life after college.


Last year’s season of Community was actually pretty great, and as I had hoped, it actually did address many of the issues of Millennials and collegians. Not every episode was spot-on for small group discussion, but plenty of them were. And of the three shows I’ve mentioned here, this one’s probably the most likely to “push the limits” morally.

Still, this is one you might want to consider; perhaps you could DVR for awhile and then pick your top 5 for a small group series.

Or, again, this might be a great show for providing clips for some of your talks on a variety of issues, for laughs or for contemplation. (This show goes surprisingly deep sometimes.)

Like The Office, this one premieres on September 23rd.

do you have any thoughts on these or other shows worth checking out?


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